Our kids often yell and throw their tantrum about going to bed so early. But have you ever considered maybe its because you didn't choose the right mattress for them? Most kids don't want to sleep early. Most kids don't want to sleep early. But kids are likely to sleep early if the mattress matches their preferences. So here is how to choose the best mattress for kids and get such a comfortable size and material that he/she will get to the bed even before you might expect. Here is how you are going to do it.

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How to select the right sized Kids mattresses

It will depend on quite a lot of factors like whether you want to get a standard size mattress and how long you are willing to use it. But if you want your kids to outgrow the bed and have a vast space, get a full sized mattress. Otherwise its suffice to get a twin mattress. You can get Twin XL if you want something slightly large in length for your kid

Kids mattresses measurements

Although will vary significantly on the kids' age and size, here is a rule of thumb you can follow. Your mattress might not accurately match this measurement. But well, it's at least a start if you know exactly what you are looking for

  • If you are getting a Twin mattress, choose a mattress with measurement of 38 inches x 75 inches.
  • If you are getting a Twin XL mattress, get a mattress with measurement of 38 inches x 80 inches.
  • If you are getting a Full sized mattress, pick a measurement of 54 inches x 75 inches.

How to choose the mattress material for your kid

As you have determined the size of your kid's mattress, now the only thing you need to

find out is what might be the best material for your kid's mattress. It is the factor that will determine after the size of how long it's going to last also whether it will be comfortable or not. You have a few options here but we will talk about the ones that are most widely used, and you are likely to get a mattress with these materials.


Latex has quite a lot of reputation for being one of the safest and supportive materials for the kids. Though some might face allergic reactions, so make sure that you kids are not allergice to latex. but other than that, latex is quite comfortable for sleeping. Even people with acute back pain are known to fall asleep very quickly on the best mattress for back pain that is made of latex. So you can imagine how good these are for kids as well. Its amazing breathability let the temperature cool down and helps the kid to sleep a lot better and quicker.


These are known for their long time of service and durability. What happens is that kids tend to do a lot of playing on their bed and which might involve various forms of jumping. Even though it is very delightful to watch them do it, it's not that great for the lifespan of a mattress. Innerspring is made to take such extreme bashing and yet do just fine when it comes to the comfort and support

Memory Foam:

Memory foam is quite popular right now, but it's not for every kid, just like the latex. It's much more comfortable for kids who are a bit older. Younger kids will enjoy the bounciness of the latex more. Not to mention that latex is safe even for babies.